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Size: 3.25 in x 2 in x 1.1 in

Weight: 3.1 oz

Country: Brazil

Mine: Rio Grande do Sul

Chakra: All

Amazing Glowing Calcite on Celadonite Cluster

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This beautiful and unusual formation has been "hiding" in our inventory. Here is what we wrote when it was first listed. :)

One of our special finds this year was a small group of calcite crystals from the amethyst mines in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. That in itself isn't so unusual since calcite often forms along side amethyst, and some of my favorite amethyst formations are the ones with large calcite crystals. What makes this so special is the color. Many of the crystal have deep green to aqua green inclusions or coatings. The green is due to inclusions of an intriguing mineral, celadonite. This mineral coats the underside of the crystal too and is accompanied by tiny crystals of pyrite too. These formations are so unusual and lovely that we quickly sold out of the first batch we brought home!

I admit my research for this formation has been hindered in that this is a very unusual combination. Celadonite usually forms with the zeolite family or in quartz crystals. Close, but not really. Calcite is a very energizing mineral, and especially in a cluster form like this one where you'll see some nifty DT crystals. But the celadonite speaks to me of a deep peaceful resonance. It is very gentle in opening the high heart chakra. What an intriguing formation!

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