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Size: 4.5 in x 3.8 in x 2 in

Weight: 1.2 oz

Stone Type: Lepidolite

Country: Brazil

Chakra: All

Balancing Albite & Lepidolite Formation

$20.00 Item #2456
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Admittedly this is not the most eye catching specimen, but the energy is solid and dependable. This is a piece that can sit in a space and help to regulate the energy, creating harmony from discordant patterns. Helps with animals too.

Albite is a mineral that is often found combined with other minerals and crystals. Perfect since it amplifies and enhances any stone that it accompanies. It assists one to facilitate change, breaking down resistance and fears. It boosts confidence and courage and aids you to take action. It assists you to release old habits in favor of new patterns. It also stimulates the crown and third eye chakras, assisting you to assimilate new information more easily. It is said to be an excellent stone for dream work, astral traveling, and lucid dream work.

Lepidolite is the beautiful purple or lavender mica that takes its color from traces of lithium. It forms in tabular hexagonal crystals that stack like a deck of cards. Because of its relative softness, lepidolite is sometimes given a clear coat to strengthen the piece when polished into points. It has energy that soothes frayed nerves and relieves stress. It helps one find a way to deal with emergencies life throws at you. It helps you not second guess your decisions, and helps you put behind all the what-ifs. Relax and enjoy what life has to offer. Lepidolite activates the throat, heart, and third-eye chakras. It is an excellent mineral for alleviating stress, including stress related ailments such as digestion and tension. Lepidolite also facilitates opening one to honest and fairness, both to oneself and others. It induces and enhances self-love and acceptance. Lepidolite also enhances communications, making it an asset for businesses where diplomacy and unimpeded communications are necessary.

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