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Size: 2.75 in x 2.5 in x 2 in

Weight: 7.7 oz

Stone Type: Ajoite

Country: South Africa

Mine: Messina/Musina

Chakra: All

Cascading Warrior Quartz Crystal w Ajoite

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Such an unassuming spirit, but you really should give this one a second look. The main termination has some nice clarity, although the back side has significant bruising. The companion has lovely etchings and dozens of students that surround the main crystal are quite beautiful. This is where you will find some bright blue ajoite inclusions. The energy is soft and nurturing. The whole crystal feels comfortable and natural nestled into your hand.

Crystals from the Messina mine in South Africa are quite unusual as it is copper mine. This gives us the well known Ajoite inclusions this area is known for. But the quartz crystals have their own special charm. They radiate such a lovely pure high vibrational energy. They bring radiant joy.

Ajoite is a rare mineral and is found within quartz, agate and sometimes calcite. Although name initially after Ajo, Arizona where it was first discovered, most Ajoite is from the Messina mine in South Africa, which is now closed. This source had the most beautiful specimens and at the time, the most plentiful. Any ajoite now on the market are from old miner stockpiles that have been released to the public. (2010 update - there are tiny pockets being mined, but this material is still very rare) Ajoite has such a luminous blue-green color, often swirled with reds of hematite. It has an emotionally soothing energy. Working with ajoite releases old grief, anger and pain and it is not unusual to experience tears as well as laughter. Ajoite awakens your compassion, both for yourself and for others. Ajoite heals the healer, and is highly nurturing. It makes me think of floating in a warm pool of salt or mineral water, perfectly supported and totally at ease. It is also believed to transmute negative energy into positive energy.

Ajoite produces a melding between the heart chakra and the throat chakra and facilitates speaking that which is in one's heart. Ajoite can be used to eliminate hostility- it is quite difficult for one to remain hostile toward oneself; in addition, and following the same logic, Ajoite can also be used to eliminate anger, abrasiveness, jealousy, prejudice....and all of the negative attributes one could imagine.

It is a strengthener, healer and harmonizer of the emotional body. It has very sweet vibrations not only to soothe us; they also draw out the poison of one’s subconsciously held sorrows, fears, rage and old wounds. Meditation with Ajoite can bring both tears and laughter as feelings arise in what is often a deep yet gentle release of inner tensions. It can awaken feelings of forgiveness and compassion- for oneself as well as others which is key in the healing process on all levels.

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