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Size: 2.1 in x 2.2 in x 1.6 in

Weight: 6.4 oz

Stone Type: Citrine

Country: Brazil

Chakra: All

Citrine Lattice Rainbow Quartz Point

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We fell in love with these vibrant points years ago due to the multitude of rainbows. This one has a slight golden hue of citrine adding to the joyful energy. This one is perfect for any space that needs an energetic lift.

First I must say, the pictures really don't do this point justice at all. The interior is brilliantly clear with sharp veils that create a lattice effect within. Rainbows glow from literally every plane, and when not illuminated by rainbows they reflect the light for a spectacular display. The pictures do not reflect the dynamics of light and energy this point carries. There are so many rainbows, the camera only picked up a few of them. The energy dances with rainbows and light, illuminating your inner being with joyous energy. This beautiful point is from Brazil.

Rainbows occur when light is refracted causing a prismatic effect, usually along a plane or inclusions within a crystal. The refraction is often temperature sensitive causing the rainbow to appear and disappear. It is believed that these crystals exhibit the closest manifestation of pure white light that can be witnessed on the physical plane. Rainbow crystals are used during meditation to escort us into the realm of the pure white light and can bring depth and clarity to dreams, help manifest wishes, and overcome negativity to be able to love life in the present moment. Rainbows bring happiness. They help deal with negativity and help to maintain the constant awareness of love. Because of the rainbows, they produce the full spectrum of colors, the white light of healing and perfections being dispersed into the individual rays of the rainbow. Rainbow quartz can be used on all chakras.

General Properties of Citrine

Good For:
Fear -
Abundance -
Anxiety -

Urinary System -
Digestive System -

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