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Size: 1.8 in x 1.8 in x 1.8 in

Weight: 5.4 oz

Stone Type: Bloodstone

Country: India

Deep Red Bloodstone Sphere

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This beautiful bloodstone sphere has gorgeous deep violet red markings that just take your breath away.

Carved mineral balls have been contoured in the spherical configuration, becoming the most unified of all sacred geometrical shapes. They radiate energy in all directions, making balls ideal for grid anchors, depending on purpose. Spheres facilitate smoother communication in group gatherings by rounding off rough edges. They are often used for scrying as "windows" to faraway places: future, past and present. They have been used in the activity of gazing, as if from afar, in order to assist one in the evaluation of a present situation or circumstance. Crystal balls have been used to purify and to fill the gaps in the entire auric field when worn or held. Small spheres are also used as charms and worn or carried to prevent and/or to ameliorate degenerative diseases.

Bloodstone is a rich dark green jasper contrasted by vivid splotches of red. Often bands of white and sometimes yellow can be found too. Bloodstone is an amazing heart healing stone and as the name implies works on all blood ailments, going right to the source, the bone marrow. It also helps one strengthen themself not only physically but emotionally too. Bloodstone is especially supportive when one faces the challenges of a chronic disease. It helps one face their obstacles with courage and not back down from a challenge. It opens one to feel more vibrant and alive.

With Bloodstone being the great blood cleanser, it is good to get a tumbled stone, wand or some other form of it and place it on your inside wrist overnight. You may use tennis wrist bands, small bandages or for the hardy amongst us...surgical tape or equivalent to hold it in place. It is also a great massage stone used in egg, sphere or wand form. It makes a powerful elixir, increasing your bodies efficiency at processing oxygen. Bloodstone also balances the Heart and Root chakras.

Bloodstone provides complete balance for the heart chakra while dissolving stress and anxiety. Bloodstone has been called the 'stone of courage' for its intense healing qualities. Use when faced with a tough decision, bloodstone will provide the clarity needed to make the best decision. Often thought of as a stone for women, for it balances the hormones and eases PMS. Also used in the treatment of kidneys, liver and spleen.

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