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Size: 3.25 in x 1.6 in x 1.25 in

Weight: 3.2 oz

Country: Africa

Mine: Messina/Musina

Hematite Phantom Quartz Crystal w/Companions

$33.00 Item #2751
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This is a lovely quartz point with soft hematite phantoms. It has several companion crystals that ride with it. The main point has two distinct zones of growth that is quite intriguing. Work with this one to aid your healing from trauma, past or present.

Earthquake crystals are a general term we've coined for a type self healed crystals. The main body of the crystal has been completely shorn in two separate pieces, but has managed to reheal after the rending experience. The crack usually appears as a fault line running through the crystal. These crystals have been very useful in working with abusive trauma from childhood. They work well in giving a safe place to return to while one puts the pieces of their lives back together.

Hematite is the common name for a wide array of iron oxides. Hematite itself has several varieties; the most common is hematite plates that form as a rose, and the massive botryoidal form which is usually polished into a wide array of shapes. Besides natural deposits of hematite, it can also be found included in dirt, clay or crystals, usually giving the material an orange to red coloration. Hematite is a supreme weapon against unionized radiation. It is recommended that you wear it in disk or pendant form against the skin when working on or around computers and such. It saturates your aura with an energy that repels radiation. You will find you have much more energy as a result. Hematite helps keep you grounded and in the here and now. It cleanses blood and is good for keeping you focused on difficult tasks.

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