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Size: 5 in x 4 in x 2.8 in

Weight: 1.64 lbs

Stone Type: Smoky Quartz

Country: Brazil

Large Rutilated Smoky Quartz Formation

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This is special formation. Sit with this beauty a while and its secrets will unfold. Gentle smoky quartz, this large duo has a bit of matrix as its base, and beautiful golden rutiles running through its interior. A large white veil indicates an area of area of healing called reminiscent of an earthquake. Weighing in over 1.5lbs, this beauty has amazing energy!

Rutiles add a kick of energy to the balanced smoky quartz. Their energy awakens the system, feeding energy from the divine into the physical. They make a powerful manifestation tool; a clear intent is needed when working with them. You can be specific without being self-limiting as long as you manifest towards the higher good of all involved. On a physical level the energy heals the body from damage of excessive radiation due to a sun burn, electromagnetic fields, or radiation therapy. Smoky quartz draws the energy of the rutile into the physical body for deep healing.

Earthquake crystals are a general term we've coined for a type self healed crystals. The main body of the crystal has been completely shorn in two separate pieces, but has managed to reheal after the rending experience. The crack usually appears as a fault line running through the crystal. These crystals have been very useful in working with abusive trauma from childhood. They work well in giving a safe place to return to while one puts the pieces of their lives back together.

Smoky Quartz should be part of every healer’s collection. Smoky quartz has very joyous energy despite its grounding nature. It is an excellent stone to facilitate grounding especially during directed work with higher energy stones. It helps you feel comfortable in your own skin, relaxed and confident. It assists you to focus on the tasks at hand. Its beautiful energy provides strength and balance and helps you to achieve the same. During times of stress it helps to reign in wayward emotions and ward against nightmares. Smoky quartz also gives a boost to the bodies’ immune system.

General Properties of Smoky Quartz

Good For:
Stress -
Grounding -

Overall Healing -
Immune System -

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