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Size: 3.9 in x 2.6 in x 2 in

Weight: 1.1 lbs

Stone Type: Angelite

Country: Peru

Lovely Large Deep Blue Angelite Nodule

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I love the rich blue hue of this nodule.

Angelite is commonly polished due to the thick chalky exterior of the rough formation. It is a soft stone, easily and commonly polished into tumbles, freeforms and spheres. It is a refreshing change to find it in a rough formation. These nodules have been cut and polished along one face revealing the beauty of the stone that hides within.

Angelite is like powdery blue angel ice cream. It is the soft feel of a wing that leaves a breeze on your cheek. Angelite is an anchor for angelic consciousness on this planet. It comes from Peru, where many other angel flavored stones originate. Each nodule forms as a unique and independent being and looks somewhat like a pod or cocoon. It assists in connecting to the energies of the angelic realm which provide for a supported interface with your Angelic Guides.

Angelite provides a protective field assisting in promoting a positive environment for astral travel and communication with guides. It assists with both sending and receiving of telepathic communication. It also dispels anger and negative thought patterns. It has been used to treat infections, throat afflictions and restore function of the thymus.

Rather than stimulating the throat chakra, it helps to soothe this area. It helps one temper their words in time of anger, allowing one to think before they speak. It helps those who tend to chatter, slow down helping to bring all parties involved to better understanding. Its soothing qualities help one unwind from the day. Its energy is also conducive to better meditation and dream work.

***Important to note - Do not use salt water to cleanse angelite*** Another name for angelite is anhydrite meaning "without water".

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