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Size: 1.4 in x 2.2 in x 0.9 in

Weight: 1.8 oz

Stone Type: Sodalite

Chakra: Throat

Lucky Carved Sodalite Elephant

$30.00Item # 3270
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Sodalite is known for its beautiful blue hue and is often confused with its cousin lapis lazuli. Besides blue, sodalite can also be white, gray, green or even purple (hackmanite). Sodalite is named for sodium which it has in abundance in the form of a silicate. However sodalite is not a feldspar as there is no quartz in its formation. It usually forms in masses well formed crystals are quite rare. It is an easy stone to carve and polish which brings out its rich color. Sodalite has a balancing energy that helps to increase confidence and creativity. Its soothing energy helps to counter insomnia, and bring peaceful dreams.

The elephant is considered a very lucky animal symbol. It is said that an elephant by the front door protects the home from bad luck. Elephants walk almost noiselessly with a fluid grace that is contrary to their size. Elephants teach of not only strength but of wisdom too. They teach one when to walk softly and when to make their presence known. Their hearing, smell, taste and touch is acute compensating for poor eyesight; therefore, elephant totems speak of intuition. They assist one to work on gathering and responding to information sensed by means other than sight. Elephants teach one loyalty and respect.

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