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Size: 2.2 in x 0.6 in x 1.4 in

Weight: 1.2 oz

Stone Type: Opal

Country: Madagascar

Chakra: Heart

Luscious Pistachio Green Opal Freeform

$28.00 Item #2726
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This is a variety of Green Opal from Madagascar. Sometimes called Pistachio Opal, this opal appears in shades of green ranging from apple to pistachio with intriguing brown markings. This stone is said to be useful for subconscious work, going to the layers of awareness where seeds of change are planted. Green opal is also said to be useful to those with strong empathic abilites, in that it can help buffer the effects of being in large groups. It can help to differentiate what emotions are one's own rather than belonging to those around them. This can be very grounding and buffering. Also useful to healer's whose work tends to be empathic as well, as it supports the ability to move from client to client with more ease with just a few moments with the green opal between sessions.

The energy of opals vibrates on an emotional level, with slow soothing energies. Generally the energy is gentle and easily handled by those who are overwhelmed by higher vibrational stones. Opals are exceptional at balancing energy for those who are burdened with stress, assisting them to relax. Opals have a nurturing energy, with different colors providing a slightly different focus. Pink opals vibrate at the heart chakra allowing one to release tension, stress and trauma. Blue opals help calm the mind and quite restless thoughts allowing for peaceful sleep. White Opal assists one to calm the mind to provide clarity of thought and focus.

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