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Size: 3.2 in x 2.4 in x 0.25 in

Weight: 2.3 oz

Stone Type: Fairy Stones

Country: Canada

Masked Canadian Fairy Stone

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I love how unique each formation is, even from one side to the other. One side of this stone looks like a mask.

These stones have a soft gentle energy and have a deep way of healing, allowing you to find clarity in any given situation. The energy is gently grounding yet have powerful energy. They have a capacity for helping you see what is needed to help you move and allow you to grow. We are really good at ignoring core issues, stuffing them in a box, until a crisis emerges. We tend to hold onto our traumas like a band-aid, and with time we don't know how to let go of them as they become such a part of us. These stones work with us to move through these challenges to gain the freedom of removing these burdens. These stones help you know when to move on. They have long been known as fairy stones by the the native communities that live around these stones birthplace.

These formations are from the lakes and rivers in Northern Quebec, Canada where glaciers have receded. They have a soft chalky feeling that will absorb the oils from your hands which will highlight the formations of the piece.

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