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Size: 1.75 in x 1.1 in x 0.2 in

Weight: 0.2 oz

Stone Type: Jasper

Picture Jasper Silver Pendant

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Hues of purples and greys make up this stunning picture jasper pendent. It has a simple sterling silver bail to not detract from the beauty of the stone.

Picture jasper comes in various shades of brown, tan, black, blue and/or ivory. Beautiful backgrounds of tans or grey have gorgeous patterns on them. It almost looks like someone has taken a paintbrush and painted on them. But these stones are naturally formed like this, just enhanced with a bit of polishing. It is said that the pictures display a hidden message and/or picture from the past. Each piece is very unique and exciting. Picture jasper is stone for inner journeying and dream work. It has a deep connection to mother earth and can be a portal where one can connect to sacred places and civilizations during meditation.

Jasper is a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz, which means the individual crystals are too small to be seen except by powerful magnification. Jasper has a wide variety of colors and patterns depending on the trace elements trapped within the structure. The energy tends to be broad and softer than crystal forms of quartz. Jasper is a great nurturer, it gently draws out negativity and helps energize you. It connects you with the Earth and helps you enjoy life to the full.

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