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Size: 2.1 in x 0.7 in x 0.65 in

Weight: 0.7 oz

Stone Type: Quartz

Chakra: All

Quartz Pendant with Chrysacolla Accent

$22.00Item # 3285
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This is a unique quartz pendant that is sure to garner the attention of crystal lovers. While the point has some bruising, it is not visible in the front. I loved the large past time link with the barnacle crystals on the back. There is also a chyrsocolla accent. This brings the energies to the heart, working through past issues to release old heart energy patterns.

A crystal that has a left time link has a rectangular face leaning to the right adjacent to one of the main faces, also known as a past time link. Crystals with a future past link can be used to access information from the past, helping you to recognize patterns and cycles. Past time links are useful when trying to master the lessons before you.

A barnacle crystal is a crystal covered or partially covered with smaller crystals. It is believed the Barnacle crystal will help stimulate family or group cooperation. It’s also a good companion when having lost a loved one.

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