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Size: 1.1 in x 0.75 in x 0.15 in

Weight: 3.3 gr

Stone Type: Ammonite

Country: Russia

Red Fire Russian Ammolite Cabochon

$60.00 Item #131
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First I have to note that this gem is much more impressive in person, it was a distinct challenge to photograph. The reds just pop out at you! Ammolite is the gemstone that is created from the ammonite fossils and is now considered a precious gemstone. The cabachon is a triplet, meaning it has a black backing (probably onyx) for support and a clear coating on top to preserve the ammolite, much like the opal process. This ammolite is from Volga River, Ulyanovsk, Russia.

Ammonite is a fossil of an extinct sea predator that lived over 65 million years ago. They belonged to a group known as cephalopods which are known today as squids, octopus, cuttlefish and nautilus. The ammonite shell is made of the mineral aragonite, a form of calcium carbonate and is divided into a series of air chambers. The series of air chambers allowed for ammonite to float. Their energy is quite dynamic and energizing. The spiral shape aids in past life regressions, enabling you to see what has come before. We have found the pastel ammonites to have a lighter almost fairy energy compared to ammonites with a bold red and purple flash which is much more invigorating.

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