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Size: 2.6 in x 1.2 in x 0.75 in

Weight: 1.5 oz

Stone Type: Infinite Stone

Country: South Africa

Chakra: Heart

Slender Infinite Stone Freeform

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I love the shape of this stone, it is nice and slender and would make for a great tool for reflexology or acupressure. It feels so nice in the hand.

Infinite is the name given to a combination of serpentine and chrysotile from South Africa. These stones are usually polished to a satin finish with bands of green, gray, black and occasional patches of glowing yellow greens. They feel soothing in the hand as your fingers run across a velvety smoothness on its slightly matte finish. These stones are highly prized for healers, helping you refill your personal well of energy after each session. This is an awesome stone for every light worker's collection. Infinite is a stone of loving, angelic energy that draws out anything negative we manifest in our bodies, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Its strength is in its gentleness, which may help it succeed where a more powerful stone will not work to break through an energy barrier. Healers have found that Infinite helps their clients to achieve deeper relaxation and states of meditation. It pulls pain out of the body, and clears chakras while embracing you in its warm energy. Infinite can relieve chronic fatigue and aid in tissue regeneration. Because its energy is beneficial to so many conditions, it has been called the penicillin of the mineral world. Because it is so good at drawing out pain and thusly negativity, Infinite may need to be cleansed often. (We recommend smudging with white sage and placing on selenite.) Use a small piece of Infinite as a worry stone, put a larger piece next to or under your pillow for more restful sleep, and try using extra large pieces as massage tools.

General Properties of Infinite Stone

Good For:
Stress -
Pain -

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