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Size: 2.2 in x 1.2 in x 0.8 in

Weight: 1.4 oz

Stone Type: Smoky Citrine

Country: Namibia

Chakra: Root

Soothing Namibian Morion Smoky Quartz Laser

$24.00 Item #3172
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This sweet crystal is a little lighter and not quite morion, but it has deep grounding energy. I love the "thumbprint" in the side, that has some nice etchings. A minor bruise at the tip doesn't detract from the beauty of this companion crystal.

I practically fell on these lovely rich smoky morion quartz crystals from Namibia. Their color is completely natural, looking almost black in the hand, but just glow with rich color when held to the light. They all have a very unusual and distinct laser shape, wider at the base and a little narrower in depth than width. These crystals have profound grounding and protective energy keeping you in the here and now. They are companion crystals that will assist you on your soul's path.

Smoky citrine crystals are quite beautiful in formation and energy and are an unusual combination. Smoky citrine crystals can occur as a blend of the two or as citrine with smoky phantoms. Citrine helps to maintain the clarity of energy, lifting the energy of smoky quartz up through your energy system. They are a powerful combination to work with when embarking on new ventures, especially in business. It helps to remove obstacles, keeping your spirits high during times of adversity. By stimulating your positive energies is helps you to quickly overcome your challenges and curb self-limiting thoughts and actions. Continued work with smoky citrine helps to awaken the crown chakra and develop your intuition and other gifts.

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