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Size: 5 in x 4 in x 1.2 in

Weight: 10 oz

Stone Type: Amethyst

Country: Brazil

Mine: Rio Grande do Sul

Chakra: Crown

Stunning Angel Wing Elestial w Amethyst Laser Crystals

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This gorgeous piece has some of the largest crystals I've seen on one of these formations. Many of the amethyst crystals are in a laser formation. Some are quite dark in color too. The entire piece shimmers in the light and there are some subsurface rainbows to be found too. The back half still has the matrix attached, so you can see what a process it is to reveal the intricate beauty of these pieces.

These amethyst formations always amaze me with their delicate beauty. The formations are quite intricate with hundreds of elestial formations making up each piece. These pieces have such a unique formation due to the conditions in which they form. They are actually an amethyst pseudomorph after calcite. This means that the amethyst has formed around a calcite formation which has since dissolved, and the amethyst has retained the calcite formation. Each piece is painstakingly cleaned with a hammer and a nail to reveal the beautiful formations, making each one truly a treasure. Their energy is soft and angelic, like a feathery wing. The energy is high vibrational, yet gentle. It encourages and coaxes the third eye and crown chakras to be receptive to the wonders of the world around them. They help one to gently eliminate the cynicisms and skepticisms that prevent one from opening themselves to their divine. These elestials make perfect mediation pieces.

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