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Size: 1.0 in x 0.9 in x 0.75 in

Weight: 0.8 oz

Stone Type: Andalusite

Country: Brazil

Mine: Minas Gerais

Chakra: Root

Surprising Red & Green Andalusite

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Andalusite is a fairly rare mineral usually found in combination with carbon in a combination known as a fairy cross. Mary picked these stones up in Springfield thinking they were specimens of red andalusite, and was pleasantly surprised to find the rarer green tones with the reds. Looking at the stone, it is hard to see the green, but bring it into the light and these patches are easy to identify. From some angles the green takes on yellow tones. The color shifting nature of this mineral is well known, and it is often likened to alexandrite. The stone is gemmy in areas, in fact the gemmiest of specimens are cut into jewelry. Its energy stimulates the physical chakras from your root to solar plexus. It helps you to create and maintain strong loving bonds between family and friends. It strengthens your sense of self, helping you to not be overwhelmed in groups by enabling you keep your individuality. It has a strong protective energy that keeps negativity at bay.

Andalusite stimulates memory, encourages moderation in all things and aides in re-alignment to the balancing of the self, should one get thrown off course by circumstances or individuals.

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