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Size: 2.1 in x 1.5 in x 1 in

Weight: 2.7 oz

Stone Type: Celestite

Country: Madagascar

Chakra: Throat

Sweet Small Celestite Cluster

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Celestite is the common name for Celestine, which is known for its beautiful icy blue crystals. It owes this color to strontium, and the crystals from Madagascar are in particular known for their deep rich color. Malagasy celestite is often found in geodes and clusters with a limestone matrix, which is soluble in water. As celestite is also slightly soluble it is best to use dry methods to cleanse and charge this mineral Celestite is named for the Greek cœlestis, meaning celestial. Celestite is a source of soft, positive energy. It attracts angelic energy and when placed under ones pillow can stimulate dreaming. It is very powerful when used on the third-eye and crown chakras. Celestite is excellent for placement in a bedrooms or healing rooms as it permeates the air with a soothing, loving energy; chasing away negativity. It will assist in opening the crown and etheric chakra, allowing you to connect you’re your guardian angels and healing guides. It has a soft, uplifting energy that will make you feel safe and protected.

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