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Size: 7.75 in x 2.5 in x 1.6 in

Weight: 1.18 oz

Stone Type: Quartz

Country: Brazil

Mine: Bahia

Thermo Solution Quartz Crystal Wth Red Hematite

$120.00Item # 2787
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This is a beautiful crystal, almost a laser in formation. The exterior is nicely etched with hematite accenting its formations. There is also albite and mica present. Rainbows within add a dimension of joy to its energy.

These crystals are a new Brazilian find in 2015 in a mine near Diamantina. They are intensely etched from growing in an area of high water content with minerals. We are still researching this new find, but couldn't wait to bring you these fascinating crystals. The pink hue is due to hematite, giving the crystals a pink hue. Physically they look much like the Himalayan Pink Ice crystals, and energetically they are close, but not quite the same, working more in the physical bodies. They enable you to focus on what you can do, not what you can't. They help you see beyond your limits, instilling creativity to overcome obstacles and challenges that just need a fresh approach. They help you to see the day and use the gifts you have.

Rainbows occur when light is refracted causing a prismatic effect, usually along a plane or inclusions within a crystal. The refraction is often temperature sensitive causing the rainbow to appear and disappear. It is believed that these crystals exhibit the closest manifestation of pure white light that can be witnessed on the physical plane. Rainbow crystals are used during meditation to escort us into the realm of the pure white light and can bring depth and clarity to dreams, help manifest wishes, and overcome negativity to be able to love life in the present moment. Rainbows bring happiness. They help deal with negativity and help to maintain the constant awareness of love. Because of the rainbows, they produce the full spectrum of colors, the white light of healing and perfections being dispersed into the individual rays of the rainbow. Rainbow quartz can be used on all chakras.

Albite is a mineral that is often found combined with other minerals and crystals. Perfect since it amplifies and enhances any stone that it accompanies. It assists one to facilitate change, breaking down resistance and fears. It boosts confidence and courage and aids you to take action. It assists you to release old habits in favor of new patterns. It also stimulates the crown and third eye chakras, assisting you to assimilate new information more easily. It is said to be an excellent stone for dream work, astral traveling, and lucid dream work.

Mica has a reflective quality helping one see a reflection of that which is true. It can aid one to look in detail at a situation, and identify the areas of importance. It provides for self-reflections, and allows one to recognize that you see in people what you want to see, not necessarily what is there. It allows aids one to recognize the contrary characteristics of another which are within oneself, and assists one in acknowledging these traits. Mica can be used to diminish anger and nervous energy. It has also been used to treat insomnia and alleviate the excessive sleeping requirement of mononucleosis.

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