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Size: 1.7 in x 1.3 in x 1 in

Weight: 1.4 oz

Stone Type: Zeolite

Country: Pakistan

Chakra: All

Uplifting Pollucite Crystal - Pakistan

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This lovely stone has a light pink hue. This stone's energy is like a breath of fresh air. It opens your heart with your breath, aiding you to let go of old pain. It encourages you to feel your breath and be one with your breath. It brings in light and joy while diminishing pain and sorrow. It brightens your life-force energy. This is a perfect stone to use during meditation to help you bring greater awareness to your being. It brings you home into yourself.

Pollucite is a rare member of the Zeolite family, and is commercially mined for its caesium (cesium) content. We prize pollucite for its strong healing energies. Pollucite is a innocuous looking white mineral that looks almost like rough quartz. It has a high bright energy that clears the body of toxins. Pollucite excels in clearing the body of heavy metals. The energy is quite intense, approach this work slowly, in 10 minute intervals. Make sure you drink plenty of water to assist your kidneys and liver flush the toxins from your body. It works from your head down to your toes. The first thing you might notice is that you can Breathe with this crystal as it opens your airways.

Zeolites is the group of silicate minerals which are well known in the industrial industry for their ability to filter, remove odors, and facilitate ion exchanges. These abilities extend to us when we work with members of the zeolite family. Some of the commonly known zeolites are natrolite, heulandite, scolecite, and stilbite.

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