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Size: 1.6 in x 0.8 in x 0.6 in

Weight: 0.8 oz

Stone Type: Hiddenite

Country: Brazil

Chakra: Heart & High Heart

Vibrant Green Hiddenite with Rainbows

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This gem has lovely translucency that really allow you to see the beauty of this gem. Rainbows dance from many areas of this beautiful stone. The energy is bright and vibrant, resonating not only in the heart but also the solar plexus, aiding you to overcome anxiety and fear.

Yellow green hiddenite aids to connects the physical and emotional bodies. More importantly it aids to resolve issues that stem from the emotions that manifest in the physical. Especially helpful countering stress rashes, psoriasis flare ups, an nervous ticks to name a few.

Rainbows occur when light is refracted causing a prismatic effect, usually along a plane or inclusions within a crystal. The refraction is often temperature sensitive causing the rainbow to appear and disappear. It is believed that these crystals exhibit the closest manifestation of pure white light that can be witnessed on the physical plane. Rainbow crystals are used during meditation to escort us into the realm of the pure white light and can bring depth and clarity to dreams, help manifest wishes, and overcome negativity to be able to love life in the present moment. Rainbows bring happiness. They help deal with negativity and help to maintain the constant awareness of love. Because of the rainbows, they produce the full spectrum of colors, the white light of healing and perfections being dispersed into the individual rays of the rainbow. Rainbow quartz can be used on all chakras.

The spodumene family consists of two different color families, kunzite and hiddenite. The pink/violet colors are more commonly known as kunzite and the green varieties are known as hiddenite. Hiddenite forms as a translucent green to yellow-green crystals and we have a nice variety of beautifully etched crystals. Hiddenite works on the heart chakra, assisting the heart to heal, especially from emotional abuse and addiction. It helps you find hope in situations you perceive to be hopeless, throwing you a much needed lifeline. Its energy is beneficial for children who feel they don’t quite belong, bolstering their inner strengths. Its healing energies help you to accept the love and abundance that the universe has to offer. Its energy brings renewal of life and love.

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