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Size: 1.2 in x 1 in x 0.6 in

Weight: 0.7 oz

Stone Type: Labradorite

Vibrant Sunset Golden Labradorite Button

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The polished surface is brilliant orange gold with hints of purple. The matte side has hues of blue and green. Beautiful.

I love the contrasting nature of this formation. Most of the stone has been cut and smoothed, but not polished. The rough surface has a silver shimmer that often has bright flashes of color peeking through. However there is a bright window that has been fully polished, showcasing a fantastic array of color. This is the perfect combination for those who like rough stones, yet want to appreciate the fully beauty of labradorite.

Labradorite is a feldspar which is related to both sunstone and moonstone. It is named from a find on the Labrador peninsula in Canada, however this beautiful material can also be found in Madagascar, Mexico, Russia, and in the US. Its unusual color play is called labradorescence and is known to show vibrant hues of green, blue, gold, orange, and sometimes red or purple. Labradorite helps purge negative thought patterns. It gives great insight and vision and allows one to communicate these gifts in a beneficial way for the self and others. It helps you integrate the new energies coming in at this time in a seamless fashion. Labradorite brings out the best qualities in you, to be all that you can be. Thus it is a powerful self esteem building stone. The elixir form of Labradorite purges negativity bringing well being to you; it also has pain killing properties. It is a very balancing harmonious energy. Labradorite soothes menstrual pain and PMS. It helps your intuition, especially the timing of things. Personally, I use citrine in conjunction with labradorite to help keep panic/anxiety attacks at bay.

General Properties of Labradorite

Good For:
Stress -
Depression -
Intuition -
Anxiety -

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