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Size: 1.2 in x 1 in x 0.6 in

Weight: 0.7 oz

Stone Type: Labradorite

Vibrant Sunset Golden Labradorite Button

$8.00Item # 3311
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The polished surface is brilliant orange gold with hints of purple. The matte side has hues of blue and green. Beautiful.

I love the contrasting nature of this formation. Most of the stone has been cut and smoothed, but not polished. The rough surface has a silver shimmer that often has bright flashes of color peeking through. However there is a bright window that has been fully polished, showcasing a fantastic array of color. This is the perfect combination for those who like rough stones, yet want to appreciate the fully beauty of labradorite.

General Properties of Labradorite

Good For:
Stress -
Depression -
Intuition -
Anxiety -

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