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Hi Jenn

I received my order yesterday evening (1 beautiful and POWERFUL dow quartz crystal and the tangerine quartz cluster along with the small tangerine crystal that you added (thanks)) and let me just say: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them!!! I am so excited that I found you and will continue to come back--- I am a rock hound, and find that it isn't easy finding quality items like the ones that I received yesterday. Just wanted to say Thanks and keep those rocks and stones coming! :)

Robin, Rhode Island

Hello Mary,

Wow!!! You really have got something going here. We are so pleased with the various items, especially the Labradorite sphere and 'well'. Bob is in love with the plain old crystal of balance. The whole package arrived Wed., intact and well packed. We are truly enjoying each and every piece. Thank you both. Thank You again and we sure appreciate the Light you have shared with us.

Lynn & Bob, Michigan

I received the beautiful crystal Friday in good order. I set it out in the yard atop a 6ft. high post attached to nothing. It rained so hard Friday afternoon many streets flooded and my car had water above seat level. Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and a bright full moon that night. I brought it in Sunday morning and tonight finally took a close look at the piece. WOW. Thank you. It's my first crystal. I'm eager to learn about it.

I wanted to write you not only to say thanks for such a gem, but also to comment on the beautiful photographs you have taken. I have looked at all of them many times. Congratulations to you for such fine work.

Eric , Louisiana

Hi Mary, Yes it is similar, but it didn't come from your store :) I enjoy shopping with you because you have been very kind to me. For example, my sweet massage tool, free shipping for my beauties, little bonus crystals you tuck in my packages. Those other stores won't do that. And besides, I am supporting a Two-Women-Business. I rather support a "sister" than just any store. It's called "intuitive" shopping. I never told you this. But I got burned by a man in Tucson on Ebay. I bought a rose quartz massage tool, he cashed the check, said he never got my check, said it was stolen, and I never received my massage tool. But within a few days, you offered me your special rose quartz massage tool. It was the universe talking to me. Both of my Son's are Indigo Children. The older one is an Aries, the Aquamarine pendant is for him. My Younger Son loves the little stone surprises you send in the packages. Their Father died of Leukemia almost 2 years ago. We have had a lot of transition in our home. We know what's important, and what's not. Purchasing from you and Jenn is important, the other vendors "are not". May The Blessings Be Ladies. Enjoy your day. You bring much Joy to others.

Fay in Seattle

Hey you two,
just wanted to let you know that I rcvd the little package today. Was that FAST or what! I am thrilled with both crystals. The lepidocrocite has a lot more sparkle than I expected and I love that fact that you can actually see right inside the phantoms on the other one. I sent your web site to a few of my crystal lover friends. Hope they sent/send some business your way.

Katherine, Florida

Everything arrived safely yesterday (I think it was yesterday - we got in late and there was the package!). The little amethyst is soooo sweet!!! She has such sweet energy and delicate features - will definitely be working with her!!

The little tangerines are all beauties! I love tangerines anyway - can hardly resist any of them, but these are really neat little guys! They will be perfect for my pyramid grids!!!

Now, that wand is extraordinary! I saw the pictures and read the description, but literally had NO idea how awesome she would be in person - about knocked me over! You were so right about needing grounding! Was too tired to work with her last night, but tonight! Wow - cannot wait!! Mary - thank you so much for making this Spirit available!!! And thanks also for the little companion crystals! They really seem to need to be with the Wand. It's a nice family!

Thanks again so very much!!! Will write more after I've had a chance to work with these!

Jan, Tennessee

Mary & Jenn...

The crystals arrived today...what a nice group! The tabby is especially intriguing...I can see why it was so hard for the photos to capture the phantoms. The tangerine quartz is gorgeous, so sparkly, the hue so soft! I love the clarity of the Diamantina wand; the shape is awesome! Last, but not least, the laser wand is wonderful! These small crystals never cease to amaze me! Thanks for another nice selection of crystals!

Barbara, New York

I got my package! Everything is GORGEOUS! You really have wonderful crystals and stones. The energy is fabulous. One of my cats jumped on my lap and just kept rubbing up against the fire quartz...I can't blame her, it's great! Thanks for the gift, too! I'll be back for more. I have left positive feedback.

Joanne, MA

Mary......I just have to tell you (and please pass this on to Jenn). I put the Kyanite pendant on this morning when it arrived..........and I have had the most peaceful day. I felt really good............. and calm. I didn't review Melody's information on this stone until early this evening. I am amazed. I'm going to keep it on for a few days. I don't think that I remember ever being so affected by a crystal.

Thanks so much for having this pendant on your website the night that I was visiting it. I feel that I was meant to bring this particular piece into my life. Thanks to you both for the part that you played in this event.

Pam , Vermont

Hi Mary,

I just wanted to let you know that I have received my shipment. Thank you so much for the careful packing of the crystals, they arrived without a mishap. And thank you so much for the gift of the citrine elestial. It was sooo unexpected and much appreciated. I enjoy both crystals so very very much.

I have left you positive feedback and truly appreciate the feed back you left for me. Looking forward to doing more business with you.

Sweet Blessings

Dalan, Oregon

Hi Mary.......Items arrived today and they are just totally awesome!!! I am more than pleased with my purchases and will continue to watch your auctions for other items of interest. I also checked your website and you have some beautiful crystals on display. I have left feedback for you and I thoroughly enjoyed this auction experience. Ebay needs more sellers such as you. Thanks again!!!


Brad , California

Thank you so much. The crystal arrived in perfect condition. It will never cease to entrance me. You have been so helpful and understanding. I appreciate your promptness and the pieces of howlite. They are wonderful as well. I can honestly say that you have been the best person I have encountered on Ebay. I left you positive feedback. Thank you again. I look forward to purchasing from you in the future.

Nick, Florida

Thank you so much for the beautiful crystals and minerals you shipped to me. They are more than I had hoped for, my daughter is trying to take some of mine. LOL! She keeps trying to tell me she knows one of those are hers. She was trying to win the bid on the last Atlantean Lovestar one you had up and lost by $.50 she was so sad. And she cracked me up as this is her first experience with bidding on eBay. We will be buying more from you as soon as we have time to check again. You are both the best...left feedback.

Gayle, California

Hi, Mary... Received crystal today. MY THANKS FOR LIGHTNING FAST SHIPPING. I compliment you on the packing job. Most impressive! I left feedback. Hope our paths cross again. The best of the Season to you and yours. Have a good one...

Bill, New York

We were out of town for several weeks, but I wanted to let you know that the package arrived safely. The Labradorite is just gorgeous! It will be a holiday gift for my sister and I'm sure she will absolutely love it. Thank you so much for your auction!

Seana, Indiana

Mary, the crystals are exquisite and the "hitch hiker" is absolutely wonderful. I can't thank you enough, you really made my day!

Thanks more than I can say...

Blessed Be!

Beth, Washington

I received the Girasol Egg safe and sound yesterday, Saturday, May 3. Thank you for taking the time and care to pack it so well. It is very beautiful and seems to have an inner glow to it. I was also happily surprised with the jade stone you included. Thank you for the wonderful gift. I will certainly leave positive feedback for you, and I really hope to do business with you again soon.

Take care and once again thank you for your considerate attention to me!

Arlene , Hawaii


We received the labradorite in today's mail and were just overwhelmed by the beauty in the crystal. This was a gift for my husband and it is everything that I had hoped it would be. (and more!!!) He had talked about getting the other sides polished but quickly changed his mind when he saw the vibrant colors in the sunlight. I believe that this crystal was meant for him.

Thank you very much for the tourmaline. I really feel drawn to tourmaline and needed a green one. I am glad that you wrote tourmaline on the statement. At first, we thought that it was a mistake in the shipping. I will take very good care of it. Gifts of crystals are very blessed.

We are looking forward to purchasing more items from you.

Many blessings


It's BEAUTIFUL! I had fun with it in the sun outside watching it change colors. It's so BIG too! I'm excited! I have had the best feeling wearing this! I put it on right away straight out of the mailbox. And thanks so much for remembering the cards and ESPECIALLY for the bonus stone! Is it an amethyst? Whatever it is it's GORGEOUS! Keep up the great work you two! I'm wanting a clear quartz crystal next lol! I feel so good ordering from you two. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Mary, Louisiana

Hi Jennifer and Mary!!!

Just wanted to let you know that I've left feedback.

I did receive the crystal this week. It came on the 24th, but I was away so I received it the next day!

It's exquisite! It certainly is a significant piece for me. It has a sweet, feminine feel to it (amongst much more) so did the little stones you sent! Thanks ever so much for them.

As I held all three, it almost felt as though many of the stones you have have a lot to do with Feminine/Goddess consciousness. What a gift!

I've been told when working with certain crystals especially significants like "future" crystals or "great awakening crystals" that its important to work with protection stones that protect you from your own ego, so you can receive greater clarity. The advice was great, real affective, and here my new/old friend comes with its own "protection/grounding" stones!

Thank you so much again!

BTW.... the packing was perfect!

Hope you're both well and prosperous,


Vlatka, Canada

These amethyst crystals are sooooo beautiful and they just radiate!!! I love them sooooo much. It is my favorite stone, favorite color... and they are raw crystals from our Mother Earth... I love it!!!!

The quartz crystal ball.. oh my.. I'm 22 and I feel like I'm 12.. LOL This is my first crystal ball EVER!! I was sooo excited I was holding the box in my arms and bouncing from the front door to the couch.. LOL I can't stop holding it.. it's sitting in my lap as I type and many of my cats are looking at me like I'm crazy! Thank you so very very very much. It took some work to manage to win both these auctions which ended at the same time, but I did it and I couldn't be happier!!! I guess it was meant to be.

Love and Light

Beki, North Carolina

Oh my god ohmygodohmygodohmygodOHMYGOD!!!! Your package has arrived!

HOWEVER!!! Tell, me, Jennifer. Did you ever work for the government in Covert Operations? The crystals were almost hermetically sealed. As if they had a secret to hide from the enemy. It took me a whole 10 minutes to unwrap them all. Lets just say - if I ever need to send a dozen raw eggs to Botswana, I'll know whom to hire to do the packaging for me. You're borderline nuts with that. Obviously (duh) the crystals came in perfect condition...

And I thank you a million times for the little extra treats you threw in. I feel so 'special' now.... That's two X-mas prezzies I did not expect. I am truly grateful. Look. I'm curtsying and everything.

Once again, my new crystals and I wish you the best of holidays, and a very PROSPEROUS New Year.

Moki, New York

Dear Jennifer

You know, in this age of emails, it was certainly refreshing to receive a handwritten note with the sphere. the extra time it took to write, and the thoughtfulness of the possibility of the sphere being a Christmas gift really moved me. you are an exceptional person! I'm looking at the moon and the quartz and I'm smiling, thinking how nice it was of you to send them. i like them very much. thank you.

I wanted to leave you positive feedback, but I'm not sure how to do that with the item having expired. hopefully we'll do business again soon, now that the post office has "gotten the ball rolling."

Bill, Florida

Greetings from soggy Oregon: I wanted to let you know that I received the wonderful amethyst with cacoxenite mineral specimen in the mail yesterday. It arrived in perfect shape and I really appreciate how well you shipped it. It is truly a beautiful mineral - I enjoy holding it in the sunlight and seeing all the incredible cacoxenite shine within. How lucky I am to have such a wondrous piece of the earth - it has a special place in my mineral cabinet, within easy arm's reach to appreciate it. Best of luck to you in the future!