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Crystal Uses

Besides being a beautiful addition to your environment, crystals have been used through the ages to enhance the quality of life. Crystals have been used for mediation, scrying, protection and healing.

Laying On of Stones

One of the foremost ways to use crystals is laying on of stones. This is an ancient practice of using crystals to remove negative energy and blockages from our systems. Laying on of stones is exactly what it sounds like. Crystals are place on and around a person to remove energy blocks, which are a source of dis-ease.

Use of Spheres

Spheres transmit energy in all directions. This makes them an excellent energy tool. Spheres make very good massage tools too. Not only do they relax tired and sore muscles, but their energy vibrations will soothe the complaints corresponding to the chakra color, and the metaphysical properties for the mineral the sphere is composed of. Use your hand as a claw keeping your fingers bent and move your hand. The sphere will happily roll along underneath. You can also place a sphere on the floor (carpet is highly recommended) and roll your foot over the sphere. The sphere will massage the pressure points in your feet affecting every area of your body!

Use of Massage Wands

Massage wands usually have a rounded end and a pointed end. Both ends may be used for massage. Use the rounded end for general massage of tired muscles and the pointed end for Acupressure/Reflexology.

Crystalline Reiki Grids

A “grid” is a way to arrange stones in a sacred geometric pattern called the “Flower of Life”. The stones are then consciously activated by connecting a line of white light between the stones so that they radiate an energy field in the immediate environment in which they are constructed. If you are sensitive to energy, you will be able to feel a shift of frequency in a room where a grid is constructed. Depending on the stones you use, the shift will either be gentle or quite tangible.

1. Arrange the stones in a Star of David configuration with your seventh stone as the center stone, or anchor.
2. Take a selenite wand and choose an outer stone placement to begin with.
3. Starting with the outer stone, visualize an unbroken line of white light issuing from the selenite and connecting it to the anchor, and back out to the same stone. Connect the outer stone to the one next to it in a clockwise motion and repeat until all of the stones are connected to the anchor. Example: Outer stone into the anchor and back, over to the next outer stone and into the anchor, and back. It may help to say “In, Out, Over”.
4. End the line of light at the same outer stone with which you started. The grid can be connected multiple times in an activation.