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Crystal Healing

The world as we know it is made up of energy. It surrounds and infuses everything we do. Our bodies are made up of energy that even doctors measure. Tests such as EKG and EEG measure the electrical currents in our systems. It is well known that doctors measure the Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta waves. This energy is known by many names. It is known as Ki in Japan, Chi in China, Prauna in India, and Ruach in Hebrew just to name a few.

Scientists are now coming to the conclusion that every thing is energy. Molecules are vibrating strings of energy. These vibrations effect the energy fields around them. In this way crystals interact with our systems to promote healing and feelings of well being. The easiest way to describe an energy field around a crystal is to remember playing with iron filings and magnets as children. Remember how the filings move with the magnet and will form in a circle around the magnet? The more research that is done the more scientists realize that is is not such a big jump from Quantum Physics to Metaphysics.

Crystals, because of their nature and chemical composition, are tools that we can use to influence the human electromagnetic field. The following pages are a brief guideline on how to work with crystals and some crystalline properties. These pages will be continually changing as the depth of our understanding grows.

Since every thing is made of energy, it is logical conclusion besides having a circulatory system, we also have a vibrational system. Acupuncture, Chi Quong, Ti-Chi, are all ancient practices of working with our energy fields. Over the ages crystals have been found to carry vibrations that stimulate certain energy centers within our electromagnetic systems that are in constant motion within our very bodies. These centers in our bodies, in the Hindu tradition, are known as chakras, and there are close ties to this system to both the Jewish Kabbalah and the Christian Sacraments. Crystals vibrate at different rates, thus having the ability to effect our entire body's energy systems.

These pages are a conglomeration of information gleaned from a variety of sources. These include but aren't limited to: Anthony Bradford's Crystal Healing pages, Melody's Love is in the Earth, Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian's The Book of Stones, and information we have channeled from the crystals we have worked with.

By all means use these pages a starting point, or a supplementary guide, to your own studies. Remember that this is only a guide, and your own intuition is your best source of information regarding the crystals and how to work with them.