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Size: 2.1 in x 0.9 in x 0.4 in

Weight: 0.5 oz

Stone Type: K2 Stone

Country: Pakistan

Azurite in Granite Freeform - K2 Stone

$8.00 Item #2825
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This small freeform is perfect pocket sized. It could also be wire wrapped into a pendant.

K2 is the name of a relatively new find of azurite in granite, only discovered in the past decade. It is known for its brilliant blue disks in speckled white granite. There is a hot debate on the actual composition of the stone after extensive research I have discovered it is azurite in granite, quite a rare occurrence. It is not Afghanite or Lazuilite as some sites will suggest. Sometimes small fleck of malachite can be found, mica is a common occurrence in the granite too. This stone is found in a very remote area at the base of K2, the second tallest mountain in the world near the border of Pakistan and China, and gives this stone its name. This stone is know for increasing insight and intuition. It has a soft grounding energy due to the granite, but the brilliant blues bring energy into the third eye. Traces of malachite help to open the heart, while mica provides energy of introspection, the ability to see within. It helps you to make decisions in your best interest, taking fear of the unknown out of the equation.

General Properties of K2 Stone

Good For:
Intuition -

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