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Crystal Categories

Fairy Kisses
Crystals Under $15
Sweet Ruby in Cordierite Rough
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Dragon Fire
Crystals $15 - $50
Incredible Garnet & Fuchsite Disc India Glittering Amethyst & Agate Standing Point Deep Red Garnets on Matrix
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Dragon Hoard
Crystals $50 - $100
Lovely Rare Rough Dark Tanzanite Striking Deep Red Spinel Crystal Vietnam Red Phantom Quartz Crystal w/ Epidote - Messina
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Dragon Treasure
Crystals Over $100
Highly Etched Shimmering Solution Goeshenite/Morganite Formation Enchanting Smoky Phantom Enhydro Elestial Striking Super Seven Fan Shaped Cabochon
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Dragon Dreams
Specimens $400 and Up

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Dragon Orbs
Spheres and Eggs
Large Unusual Chalcedony Sphere Glittering Peruvian Pyrite Geode Sphere Unique Midnight Sky Speckled Pyrite in Aegerine Sphere Arkansas
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Additional Categories

Dragon Familes
Quartz and Mineral Clusters

Dragon Tears
Tumbled and Natural Stones

Dragon Gems

Dragon Nests
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