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Size: 2.75 in x 0.95 in x 1.25 in

Weight: 1.6 oz

Stone Type: Smoky Quartz

Country: USA

Mine: Montana

Chakra: Root

Small Smoky Quartz Crystal with Feldspar Montana

$12.00 Item #2329
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This sweet crystal has lovely energy that soothes the soul. He feels good to hold.

While smoky quartz from Montana is not quite rare, it is unusual at it does not seem to be commercially mined. These crystals have a deep rich translucent brown color. Their energy is deep earth energy, old and wise. The vibration is slow and steady, yet does not lack for intensity. Profoundly grounding energies calm nervous energy and restores balance. These beautiful points often display numerous record keepers too, attesting to their wisdom.

Feldspar is the name of the silicate family which includes amazonite, labradorite, sunstone, and moonstone to name a few. Feldspar assists one to embrace the new by detaching from the old. It encourages self-love and self-awareness focusing on the positive aspects of yourself. It soothes skin irritations and muscle dysfunctions such as chronic cramps or fatigue.

Smoky Quartz should be part of every healer’s collection. Smoky quartz has very joyous energy despite its grounding nature. It is an excellent stone to facilitate grounding especially during directed work with higher energy stones. It helps you feel comfortable in your own skin, relaxed and confident. It assists you to focus on the tasks at hand. Its beautiful energy provides strength and balance and helps you to achieve the same. During times of stress it helps to reign in wayward emotions and ward against nightmares. Smoky quartz also gives a boost to the bodies’ immune system.

General Properties of Smoky Quartz

Good For:
Stress -
Grounding -

Overall Healing -
Immune System -

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