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Size: 1.1 in x 2.4 in x 2 in

Weight: 2.3 oz

Stone Type: Tangerine Quartz

Country: Brazil

Chakra: Sacral

Tangerine Quartz Cluster

$28.00Item # 2831
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Tangerines are one of my favorites for their bubbly energy. The color of this tangerine is so dark it is almost red. It would make a good anchor for a healing grid and the flat bottom would work in body layouts too.

Tangerine quartz is one of my favorites in the quartz family for its bright color and energy. They have great vitality that infuses your sacral chakra. This can spark creativity and aid studying as your sacral chakra is where you "digest" information as well as food. Tangerines have a fun loving energy, but knows how to be serious too. They are fantastic companions, healers and teachers.

A cluster of crystals embodies group energies, fostering harmony, compassion and tolerance. Clusters in a public place help to balance chaotic energies, and can be especially beneficial to business and business meetings. In healing rooms they foster comfort and support. Clusters have an amplified energy that radiates in many directions.

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