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Size: 3 in x 1.7 in x 1.3 in

Weight: 3.4 oz

Stone Type: Quartz

Country: China

Double Termianted Quartz Cluster w/Bournonite China

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This is an intriguing cluster of double terminated quartz crystals from the Hunan Province of China. The crystals have nice clarity and a high luster. There are tabby crystals, rainbows, glyphs, hints of phantoms and much more, you could spend hours gazing at their formations. Nestled within are crystals of Bournonite. This group is perfect for healing energy work within a grid.

A crystal with a point at each end is called double terminated (DT). It is believed that they have the ability to receive or transmit energy from both ends. They are used for alignment, patience, perseverance, protection, dreaming, and astral projection. Double terminated crystals strengthen energy flow, and are especially useful when you need to share or exchange energy between you and another person. Double terminated crystals are very important to people doing healing work for themselves or others.

Bournonite is a copper, lead, antimony sulfide that is sometimes used as a lead and copper ore. Due to its heavy metal content, we do not recommend prolonged physical contact or creating elixirs from this intriguing mineral. It is very conductive, helping to remove unwanted thought patterns and behaviors.

A cluster of crystals embodies group energies, fostering harmony, compassion and tolerance. Clusters in a public place help to balance chaotic energies, and can be especially beneficial to business and business meetings. In healing rooms they foster comfort and support. Clusters have an amplified energy that radiates in many directions.

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