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Size: 3.5 in x 4.1 in x 2.9 in

Weight: 1 lbs

Stone Type: Quartz

Country: Brazil

Triplet Quartz Rainbow Castle

$125.00Item # 3188
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This s a vibrant self-standing quartz point. The main crystal is a twin, with a triplet companion. There are future time links and some soft etchings. There is a very large rainbow in the main crystal in pastel hues of pink, yellow and blue. There are a few minor bruises, but that does not diminish the beauty or energy of this spirit. It fosters a sense of togetherness and harmony. Perfect as a grid anchor, or as a part of centerpiece at the family table. It helps you to see the positive side of events and work towards the future without dwelling on the past.

Brazilian quartz has bright energy which washes over you revitalizing your spirit. Its energy washes over you like a waterfall or spring shower. Brazilian quartz also has an amazing energy perfect for healing work with its soft heart energies.

Rainbows occur when light is refracted causing a prismatic effect, usually along a plane or inclusions within a crystal. The refraction is often temperature sensitive causing the rainbow to appear and disappear. It is believed that these crystals exhibit the closest manifestation of pure white light that can be witnessed on the physical plane. Rainbow crystals are used during meditation to escort us into the realm of the pure white light and can bring depth and clarity to dreams, help manifest wishes, and overcome negativity to be able to love life in the present moment. Rainbows bring happiness. They help deal with negativity and help to maintain the constant awareness of love. Because of the rainbows, they produce the full spectrum of colors, the white light of healing and perfections being dispersed into the individual rays of the rainbow. Rainbow quartz can be used on all chakras.

A crystal that has a right time link has a rectangular face leaning to the right adjacent to one of the main faces. Crystals with a future time link can be used to access information from the future. These crystals also help you to understand the branching paths before you, enabling you to make an informed decision based on the possible outcomes.

A crystal with two points on a common base is called a twin crystal. You can tell a twin crystal from two crystals that are simply attached to each other, by the fact that both parts of a twin crystal are exactly parallel to each other, and have no boundary between them. It is believed the Twin crystal can generate positive energy toward improving a relationship. They can help you gain insight into the underlying problems in a relationship, and help work through them. This works for any kind of relationship, not only a romantic relationship. A twin with a rainbow can be very effectively used to project healing energy into a relationship or to keep a good relationship strong.

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