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Weight: 1.0 oz

Stone Type: Jasper

Country: Brazil

Chakra: Root

Tumbled Red Jasper

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Tumbled stones measure between 0.5" - 1.0".

Red jasper stimulates the root chakra and helps strengthen ones life force energy. It will help you release shame or guilt around sexual issues. It is especially good for those recovering from sexual abuse. It is also an excellent aid for manifesting creative ideas and bringing those ideas into reality.

Jasper is a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz, which means the individual crystals are too small to be seen except by powerful magnification. Jasper has a wide variety of colors and patterns depending on the trace elements trapped within the structure. The energy tends to be broad and softer than crystal forms of quartz. Jasper is a great nurturer, it gently draws out negativity and helps energize you. It connects you with the Earth and helps you enjoy life to the full.

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