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Size: 5.2 in x 3.7 in x 3.2 in

Weight: 2.45 lbs

Stone Type: Tourmaline

Country: Brazil

Chakra: Heart

Celadon & Pink Tourmaline in Quartz

$245.00Item # 3209
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Pink tourmaline is a stone of balance, both mentally and energetically. It balances the two sides of the brain to enhance creativity and healing. Tourmaline is said to facilitate healing powers and protect from all dangers occurring on the physical plane. In addition, pink tourmaline focuses on the crown and heart chakras bringing forth the synthesis of love and spirituality. It assists in achieving peace, understanding, awareness, love, and trust.

Green tourmaline is said to transform negative energy to the positive state without releasing it to the atmosphere. It also acts to inspire creativity, attract success, prosperity and abundance.

This is a nice massive formation with wonderful heart energies on all levels.

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