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Weight: 10.3 oz

Stone Type: Tourmaline

Country: Brazil

Chakra: Third Eye

Deep Indigo Tourmaline in Albite

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At first look this tourmaline appears black, but under strong light you can see the deep indigo highlights. The smaller crystals are a steely blue grey that is quite translucent. It is a nice working piece of tourmaline.

Blue tourmaline is also known as indicolite and is a rare color in the tourmaline world. Blue tourmaline in quartz is a very rare combination, and has been stated to be rarer than ajoite! Blue tourmaline has a soothing energy and works both the throat and third eye chakras. They are emotionally healing, helping you to detach from the situation so that healing may occur. It is especially healing for those suffering post traumatic stress. It has a tranquil energy that also revitalizes you when you need it most. Blue tourmaline is also known for its ability to open the third eye and enhance your higher awareness. It assists one to accept and trust their intuition. It also assists with communications assisting one to verbalize both thoughts and emotions with greater ease. The presence of quartz amplifies the energy of the blue tourmaline.

Albite is a mineral that is often found combined with other minerals and crystals. Perfect since it amplifies and enhances any stone that it accompanies. It assists one to facilitate change, breaking down resistance and fears. It boosts confidence and courage and aids you to take action. It assists you to release old habits in favor of new patterns. It also stimulates the crown and third eye chakras, assisting you to assimilate new information more easily. It is said to be an excellent stone for dream work, astral traveling, and lucid dream work.

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