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Size: 3.4 in x 1 in x 0.5 in

Weight: 1.7 oz

Stone Type: Lemurian Seed Crystal

Country: Brazil

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Golden Lemurian Quartz Crystal with Past TL

$35.00Item # 3225
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This Golden Lemurian is a sweetie that fits so nicely in the hand. The horizontal striations are quite pronounced and it is very soothing to rub your thumb across them. Breathe in and feel the energy move not only in the solar plexus but also the throat. This encourages self-expression. Explore with this spirit to help you overcome insecurities and anxiety. A past time link will also assist this journey. She is a sweet spirit and companion.

From the original Lemurian find in the Serro do Cabral mountains in Brazil, new golden beauties have been making their way into the world. These lovely crystals have the hallmark horizontal ribs that mark Lemurians, but they have a golden hue rather than the typical whites and pinks. The golden color is due to a fine infusion of iron oxide typical of a golden healer crystal. This lends a protective, and deeply physical healing energy to these Lemurians. Centering in the sacral and solar plexus chakras, these Lemurians create a link between the physical essences of those two chakras and the spiritual aspects of the heart chakra. Though each crystal has its own unique characteristics, in general they have a very soothing warmth, gentling that ball of anxiety centered in the belly. They exude a quiet happiness that makes them a delight to be near.

A crystal that has a left time link has a rectangular face leaning to the right adjacent to one of the main faces, also known as a past time link. Crystals with a future past link can be used to access information from the past, helping you to recognize patterns and cycles. Past time links are useful when trying to master the lessons before you.

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