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Size: 6.4 in x 2.8 in x 1.2 in

Weight: 15.7 oz

Stone Type: Selenite

Country: Mexico

Mine: Chihuahua

Chakra: All

Large Fishtail Selenite Specimen

$55.00Item # 3028
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Selenite is one of my favorite minerals for energy activation. It is excellent for clearing negative energies and recharging other stones. It contains pure bright white light that is just amazing. I strongly feel that any energy worker should have plenty of selenite! It helps one achieve energetic alignment. Selenite is known for its work in the upper chakras of the third-eye and crown. It assists with meditation, and the ability to communicate with your guides. When working with other stones, selenite is excellent for blending and magnifying all of the other energies. This is especially useful during body layouts. Fishtail selenite has a unique layered formation that showcases lots of etchings. Fishtail selenite has a distinctive V formation at one end which often resembles a fishtail, hence the name. This unique translucent formation shimmers with the light of a silvery moon. It is a powerful healing tool that will encompass your entire system with the white light of healing. Your energy will be rejuvenated and negative energies will be purged from your system.

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