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Size: 3.45 in x 1.25 in x 0.8 in

Weight: 3.4 oz

Stone Type: Lemurian Seed Crystal

Country: Brazil

Mine: Minas Gerais

Chakra: All

Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal w/RKs

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Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystals are considered the "go-to" healing crystal of metaphysical world. While each one is an individual, they all have strong healing energies and are considered companion crystals. Their energy works both crown and heart chakras, helping you to "see" more clearly. They aid you to work towards your personal goals, working not only the emotional and spiritual bodies, but often the physical as well. They wash away the cobwebs in the mind, assisting with mental clarity, aiding you to find patterns, and to see the truth that lies below the surface. They open your mind, expanding your horizons and pushing the boundaries of your usual comfort zone. You'll be encouraged to try new things and you'll find more opportunities to explore presenting themselves to you. However, you must learn not to close the door on opportunity before it even presents itself. To this end, they also help you move beyond your preconceived notions, opening your mind to the possibilities that await you. Lemurians are perfect tools during meditations and healing sessions.

A crystal that has pyramidal or triangular shaped symbols that are either engraved into or are raised on one or more of a crystal faces is called a Record Keeper (RK) or Recorder. These symbols are not easily seen and usually need to be searched out by looking at the crystal in a bright light while closely examining the faces. It is believed that the Record Keeper is one of the most sacred crystals because it holds the wisdom and knowledge of the universe. When a person is properly attuned to a Record Keeper, this knowledge is readily made available. This knowledge is ancient knowledge and contains profound secrets and esoteric knowledge of the whole of the Higher Consciousness. It takes an open mind and a pure heart to access this knowledge.

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