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Size: 4.75 in x 2.25 in x 1.6 in

Weight: 0 oz

Stone Type: Amphibole Included Quartz

Country: Madagascar

Chakra: Physical - Root, Sacral, & Solar

Ampibole Phantom Cluster

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It is not often you find an amphibole quartz cluster, especially with crystals this size! The cluster has some damage, the the points are mostly intact. The energy is soft and warm.

Amphibole crystals have beautiful inclusions that give the crystal an almost wooly effect. The colors are a creamy white and the fibers are like fluffed cotton wool within the crystal. They are also known as angel quartz crystals due to the inclusions wispy effect resembling wings. They help to pull out what does not belong from the system. They are said to also shield one from the abrasiveness of others. This is especially healing from those who are or have been emotionally or verbally abused. These beautiful pieces are from Madagascar.

A cluster of crystals embodies group energies, fostering harmony, compassion and tolerance. Clusters in a public place help to balance chaotic energies, and can be especially beneficial to business and business meetings. In healing rooms they foster comfort and support. Clusters have an amplified energy that radiates in many directions.

We are told that the reason for the rarity of these crystals is that they are gathered only in the dry season, when the farmers of the area cannot work their crops. Some tend to exhibit wispy inclusions in hues of red/orange and yellow. Amphiboles are defined as hydrated double silicate minerals including Hornblende and several types of asbestos, containing various combinations of sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, hematite, limonite, kaolin and aluminum. These amphiboles were formed with incredible heat (1200-1700 degrees Fahrenheit) and pressure, and sometimes exhibit chatoyancy as well. Interestingly, the crystal surrounding the amphibole inclusions was produced at a much lower temperature of between 550-570 degrees Fahrenheit, long after the amphiboles formed.

Angel quartz crystals or amphibole quartz crystals are those which have layers of hydrated, double silicate minerals such as Hornblende and Asbestos, whose white "feathery wisps" formed the "phantom peaks" within the crystal, resembling Angel wings. They are a wonderful compliment to those who are beginning to work with the entities and energies of the Angelic Realms, and in fact seem to attract them, along with others of the same mind who are working with the ethereal realms. In addition, the Hornblende helps to shield one from the abrasiveness of others making this a wonderful stone for protection, especially for those who are being emotionally or verbally abused.

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