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Size: 3 in x 3.6 in x 2.4 in

Weight: 1.4 lbs

Stone Type: Aquamarine

Country: Brazil

Aquamarine in Feldspar and Quartz

$140.00Item # 3207
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This is a lovely chunky piece of quartz with salmon colored feldspar and aquamarine crystals. The largest is almost 2.5" in length The aquamarine is quite nice with good blue-green color. The energy works with the physical body, especially heart and throat.

Feldspar is the name of the silicate family which includes amazonite, labradorite, sunstone, and moonstone to name a few. Feldspar assists one to embrace the new by detaching from the old. It encourages self-love and self-awareness focusing on the positive aspects of yourself. It soothes skin irritations and muscle dysfunctions such as chronic cramps or fatigue.

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