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Size: 2.25 in x 1 in x 1 in

Weight: 1.6 oz

Stone Type: Quartz

Country: Brazil

Chakra: All

DT Vogel Style 12-Sided Quartz Point

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This is a bright clear quartz point that has been carved into a 12 sided double terminated generator. It makes a wonderful tool for healing sessions.

A crystal with a point at each end is called double terminated (DT). It is believed that they have the ability to receive or transmit energy from both ends. They are used for alignment, patience, perseverance, protection, dreaming, and astral projection. Double terminated crystals strengthen energy flow, and are especially useful when you need to share or exchange energy between you and another person. Double terminated crystals are very important to people doing healing work for themselves or others.

These beautiful wands are cut with twelve sides and have very sharp points. The cuts and number of sides on a vogel style crystal determine the vibration of the crystal, the higher the number of facets, the higher vibration and the deeper the healing. Twelve sided crystals are perfect for general healing as they have the ability to move and activate energy and used with the correct intent, facilitate deep physical and emotional healing.
True Vogel crystals were created by Marcel Vogel, and are precision cut quartz crystals with specific cut angles which represent the Tree of Life. While hand polished vogel style points are readily available, they should not be mistaken for their namesakes that are very costly due to the labor and precision of creating these tools.

Clear quartz is made up of silicon dioxide, the most abundant mineral on the planet. No wonder it is the most common tool in the mineral kingdom, as well as the most versatile. I like to call it the general practitioner of the crystal world as it works with all chakras. Clear quartz is also known as white quartz or milky quartz when it has an abundance of interior veils and planes. Often crystals will have a mixture of different clarities throughout the interior. Quartz crystals are graded on their clarity, luster, and overall condition of the stone, with the higher degrees of clarity being more valuable. It is interesting to note that although chemically the same, quartz from different regions vibrates with subtle differences. Quartz attracts and enables you to use more life force energy. Have it around you, on you, or in elixir form, in you! Quartz seeks to bring balance on all our bodies’ levels. Quartz has the ability to receive, store and send energy, this makes it a powerful manifestation tool.

Hold/gaze into the crystal, put your thought/need (what you wish to manifest) into the crystal, the crystal receives the thought (and the feeling behind the thought) then stores and transmits those thoughts and feelings into the ethers. Thus, even while you’re not thinking about that particular manifestation, the crystal is still putting it out. Thus drawing your manifestation towards you at a much greater rate than before. Power tools, you have to love ‘em!

Many refer to this process as programming; many books state that a crystal can hold only one program. They have just found a way to store terabytes of data into a single bubble that makes up the mist you see in the Quartz. My feeling is that Quartz crystals can in fact hold and run more programs than we could give in a life time! Quartz is one of the most flexible crystal tools around. It is very responsive to our intent, what you intend is what you get, to this point it is also one of the most powerful tools and should be treated as such.

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