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Size: 4.2 in x 2.4 in x 1.7 in

Weight: 7.9 oz

Stone Type: Quartz

Country: Africa

Mine: Orange River

Chakra: Physical - Root, Sacral, & Solar

White Phantom Orange River Quartz Elestial Complex

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This complex is absolutely beautiful. The points glisten in the light and are in near perfect condition. The subtle exterior etchings and formations are mesmerizing. The interior contains both white and black phantoms. This is an old soul, but the energy vibrates quite high.

The Orange River is a natural boarder between South Africa and Namibia. The Orange River originates Drakensberg Mountains and covers a distance of 1800 kilometers through South Africa, flowing through the southern part of the Kalahari and Namib Desert before it exits into the Atlantic Ocean. However in dry years, this river it does not reach the sea. The areas where Orange River crystals are mined are remote and barren. Like the river name, most of the crystals have a beautiful orange glow to them. A vast array of formations have been found along this river such as elestials, lovestar crystals, cascading elestial, with a variety of inclusions including hematite. Sometimes they find completely unique formations, you just never know what will show up. Recently smoky quartz and amethyst crystals have been also found. Most of the crystals we acquire are from the Pella a small village in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

The energy of these crystals is ancient and very wise. They are gentle but very strong. They have energy that is timeless and endures over all obstacles. These crystals are from one of the most inhospitable areas on the planet, yet something of such beauty can be found there. Most of these crystals have phantoms within them, recording lessons of the past, so that progress can be made. They have a rich history and can instill many life lessons. They are amazing teachers if you take the time to listen to their stories.

Phantom quartz records the stages of growth of a crystal. Phantoms mark a time of no growth, where another mineral has settled on the surface before the crystal began to grow again. Sometimes they mark a different growing condition, creating bands of color, like smoky or amethyst phantoms. Because phantom quartz shows a record in time, they are perfect for those who wish to work with past life recall. They also help you to identify patterns, and the evolution of healing. This is especially helpful for those working through trauma or abuse. Often the same issues crop up over and over again, leading you to believe you are not making any progress. Phantom quartz helps you to look back and see the progress you have made. You may be working on the same issues but now from a higher perspective. Different inclusions will focus the energy in specific ways, for example smoky phantoms are particularly good in breaking old patterns and blockages.

Phantom quartz is especially good for children, assisting them with learning to meditate. Use phantom quartz during stressful periods, or periods of change to facilitate a more peaceful transition. It is also an excellent stone for assisting with healing from abuse issues. It helps one to see the progress in healing, and identify patterns.

Elestial formations are truly beautiful; they are complex in their simplicity. Most elestials are smoky; however you can find this formation in all types of quartz. Elestials are known for their complex layering and etched surfaces. Elestials crystallize in aqueous environments which create their fantastic formation. They are known by many different names, jacare quartz, skeletal quartz, and crocodile quartz just to name a few. Elestials can form as interlocking plates and complex etchings some say the formations look like the scales of a crocodile (hence the origins of that name). With skeletal elestials, you can see layers of crystals almost like the layers of an onion; they are often accented by clay inclusions.

Elestials can also have doorways and self-healed formations; they can appear as wands, scepters, overlays, and sometimes as a combination between an elestial and cathedral. I find them endlessly fascinating; it is so easy to get lost in their formations. While they have certain formations in common, there really is no such thing as a typical elestial.

As elestials form in water they have a strong emotional energy. Elestials are master healers and teachers who work on many levels. They work through the many layers of your body releasing toxins, dissolving obstacles and creating energy flow. Working with elestial crystals will bring an abundance of lessons and change! Elestial Quartz crystals used in body layouts will purge toxicity from the major organs into the bloodstream, from which they can then be released from the body by drinking plenty of water.

The translation for Elestial is “Crystal of the Angels” and thus has a strong link with the Angelic realm. One may retrieve information stored in Elestials by running your hands over the etching of the crystal. Before long your hands start moving on their own and you are reading the crystal much the same way as the blind use Braille language. It is best to clear the mind and have no expectations through this process.

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