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Size: 2.4 in x 1.75 in x 0.95 in

Weight: 2.7 oz

Stone Type: Morganite

Country: Brazil

Chakra: Heart & High Heart

Fascinating Etched Solution Morganite - Rare

$212.00Item # 1261
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I love the wild etchings on the surface of this lightly pink morganite crystal. The interior clarity is masked by the etchings, but windows into the interior give you a tantalizing glimpse. Rainbows dance all around with joyful energy too.

Solution morganite is a very rare formation of morganite which is created in pockets of water that has a high concentration of minerals. The water creates intricate etchings and cavities all around the formation. The pictures do no justice to the complexities of the formations, they are just stunning! The pale pink color seems to be somewhat directional varying in shades from white to pale pink. Holding it in the light really gives the crystal a lovely luminous pink color. Solution morganite has a crisp energy that is highly motivating, helping you leap over obstacles instead of being stymied by them. It recreates a connection to all around you and most importantly yourself. Being connected allows you to be just yourself, not defined by who you are when you "at work", "at home", and around family. It gives you a strong sense of acceptance and as a spiritual individual that you deserve love and are love.

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