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Size: 3.5 in x 1.7 in x 1.4 in

Weight: 3.4 oz

Stone Type: Malachite

Country: Congo

Fibrous Malachite & Chrysocolla on White Quartz

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This is such an unsually beautiful specimen. Definitely not one to be handled frequently, as the matrix is very dusty. Dusty robin's egg blue chrysocolla and fibrous malachite form unusual shapes over white quartz.

Like all of the crystals and minerals from Africa it has an ancient and wise energy that is completely untamed. There is a profound depth to the energy that is quite different from the energy of chrysocolla from Peru or other locations. While Peruvian energy vibrates high in the angelic realms and has more of an effect on the emotional and spiritual bodies, the Congo chrysocolla vibrates on the level of the physical and emotional bodies. The combination of malachite and chrysocolla helps one express their emotions release issues locked in the heart while easing the anxiety and stress of the release. It has a soothing mother presence that wraps you in loving comfort. As with all chrysocolla and malachite dry methods of cleansing and charging should be used, selenite is a perfect choice. The natural formations are delicate, please handle gently.

Malachite may be the most well known mineral after quartz with its attractive green hues. It owes its color to copper, and has several natural formations. The botryoidal formation is the most common, known for its gently undulating surface with bands of contrasting color. This is the form that is most often polished. The fibrous masses and stalactites are also very beautiful but rare. The deep greens of malachite have cherished for centuries, it was used by the ancient Egyptians, ground into a powder for eye make up. The Greeks gave children talismans of malachite for protection. Malachite is known as a money stone, helping you to attract abundance. It is also known as the stone of transformation as it is an excellent stone to work with while making major life changes. It will assist one with the manifestation of ones dreams and desires. Malachite is a strong heart healer, holding you firmly, helping you work through depression and emotional trauma. Malachite also helps to diminish physical pain, just tape it to the afflicted area. Malachite is a soft stone, so treat it gently, as it can easily scratch or break if dropped. It absorbs negative energies well to, place on selenite to cleanse the stone, as water could damage it. Malachite should not be used in an elixir due to its high copper content. This beautiful healing stone should be a part of everyone's collection.

General Properties of Malachite

Good For:
Depression -
Pain -
Abundance -

Heart -

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