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Size: 1.6 in x 1.1 in x 0.7 in

Weight: 1.1 oz

Stone Type: Chrysocolla

Country: Peru

Chakra: Heart

Heartening Peruvian Chryscolla Freeform

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Peruvian chrysocolla is some of the most beautiful chrysocolla. It is deeper in color and higher in energy than specimens from other regions. It appears as a deep turquoise blue, like that of a Caribbean ocean. It commonly is found with accenting shades of green malachite, light blue hue of plancheite, and orange/brown cuprite. Occasionally you will see the deep blues of shattuckite present. All of these minerals are in the copper silicate family. They create patterns that resemble looking down at a tropical terrain. It makes me think of lakes and rivers winding through a lush tropical rainforest. Peruvian chrysocolla has high angelic energy that stimulates intuition on all levels. Chrysocolla is also very soothing on the throat, alleviating laryngitis and throat infections. The combination of malachite and chrysocolla helps one express their emotions release issues locked in the heart while easing the anxiety and stress of the release.

Chrysocolla is a beautiful turquoise blue copper based mineral that is closely related to malachite, and often forms in combination. Chrysocolla acts like a balance scale, can act to stimulate the mind and relax the emotions at the same time. It reacts upon your analytical and intuitive abilities. Together its energy influence alleviates emotional confusion while expanding your mind to new awareness and understanding. Chrysocolla opens bottled emotions that can block the mind from thinking clearly, and is a good choice for a stone when you have difficulty expressing your feelings.

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