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Size: 1.8 in x 0.8 in x 0.3 in

Weight: 0.2 oz

Stone Type: Opal

Country: USA

Chakra: Throat

Owyhee Blue Opal Pendant

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Owyhee blue opal is found near a sacred Indian spring in Owyhee, Oregon. Often translucent when first mined, as water evaporates it transforms into a soft pale blue stone. Its energy has a gentle angelic energy. It treads softly, working over time. Its main energy is directed at the throat chakra, cooling and calming inflammations, infections, and imbalances on a physical level. It feels like a soft baby blanket with a touch of silk to them, very smooth. It bolsters ones confidence to speak, overcoming indecisiveness, shyness and fear. They assist to create smooth transitions in times of possible resistance.

This pendant is 1.8" long with the bail.

The energy of opals vibrates on an emotional level, with slow soothing energies. Generally the energy is gentle and easily handled by those who are overwhelmed by higher vibrational stones. Opals are exceptional at balancing energy for those who are burdened with stress, assisting them to relax. Opals have a nurturing energy, with different colors providing a slightly different focus. Pink opals vibrate at the heart chakra allowing one to release tension, stress and trauma. Blue opals help calm the mind and quite restless thoughts allowing for peaceful sleep. White Opal assists one to calm the mind to provide clarity of thought and focus.

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