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Size: 1.8 in x 0.4 in x 0.4 in

Weight: 0.2 oz

Stone Type: Quartz

Country: Peru

Peruvian Lemurian Quartz w/Molybdenum

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This sweet crystal has lovely energy. It is the perfect size for a pocket or pendant. It is in very good condition.

While Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystals only come from the mine Serra do Cabral in Brazil, crystals with Lemurian energy have been found in many different areas. Characteristic energy patterns as well as the deep horizontal striations on the shaft are the markings of a crystal with Lemurian energy. The Peruvian Lemurian quartz crystals have horizontal striations that are almost wavy that extend from their base up to their point which gives them a soft frosted almost feathered effect. These striations are very prominent on almost all of their sides. Minerals from Peru have a very sacred and spiritual energy, and these crystals are no different. Like all of the crystal and minerals from this region, these Lemurians have angelic energy; you can almost feel the brush of feathery wings on your cheek when you hold them. The energy spreads throughout your chakras, gently awakening them. These spirits recharge your soul, gently lifting you up, knowing that you have someone who is walking your path beside you as a friend and companion.

These lemurians have shiny black or silver metallic inclusions that have been confirmed as Molybdenum. Molybdenum is a metallic element with high melting point (sixth highest of all the elements actually), and is used in high temperature and pressure applications. This element has strength and endurance, aiding you to overcome physical and energetic blockages. These spirits aid the connection to your spiritual guides, allowing you to find the spiritual paths that are right for you. These crystals concentrate on self-healing and transformation, guiding you to focus on restoring your rhythms to be in greater harmony with nature.

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