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Size: 0.6 in x 0.5 in x 0.55 in

Weight: 0.1 oz

Stone Type: Fluorite

Country: China

Petite Blue & Purple Chinese Fluorite

$8.00Item # 3095
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Petite, but so beautiful. Small cubes of light blue fluorite have lacings of purple through it, while sitting on a bed of muscovite.

Fluorite is a stunningly beautiful mineral that occurs in a wide range of colors. Beautiful blue fluorite cubes are our latest find from Yaogangxian, China. The cubes have a bright clarity often accented with purple fluorite. Accompanying the crystals are a combination of minerals including muscovite, ferberite, pyrite and quartz. The energy of this fluorite is very cool and crisp and strongly physical, soothing inflammation and infection, especially in the throat, head and lungs. Pieces accompanied by pyrite amplify the ability to fight infection caused by viruses and fungi, while lending you more physical energy. Ferberite provides further physical support, strengthening the physical body which is often left weakened by illness. Muscovite provides a calming influence to counter the stress of illness. The presence of quartz provides focus for these energies and amplifies the energy. Although the fluorite cubes are not always accompanied by all of these minerals, their energy patterns remain, although to a lesser degree than if present. Their energy is quite potent, not only speeding the healing process from the initial disease, but protecting you while vulnerable during recovery.

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