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Size: 1 in x 0.75 in x 0.75 in

Weight: 0.6 oz

Stone Type: Fluorite

Country: China

Striped Fluorite Bead Point

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Since I found these once neglected fluorite points I try to pick up a couple when I can for they are beautiful and have good energy. Initially I couldn’t resist these neglected little sweeties sitting in the warehouse ignored just because they have a hole drilled in them. A shame I thought, because not only can you carry one of these, display it on a desk, but also easily wear it as a necklace. Versatile I thought! In these points we can see everything we love about fluorite, the bright colors and vivid banding. Some have are in hues of blue, green and purple with a tropical energy that is soothing and cleansing. Like having your feet in the surf feeling the cares of the world slip away. These are excellent with throat chakra work. Some have bright yellow with blue and green. These points are perfect for the solar plexus and throat chakras. The energy helps you to translate the energy and passion behind your words. Physically they soothe the digestive track between the throat and stomach aiding your body to repair damage from acid reflux and heartburn.

Fluorite is a stable mineral of calcium fluorite, which displays with a wide range of colors most commonly occurring in purple, green, blue, pink, and yellow. Due to this wide color range it has incredible flexibility when working on the physical body. It mostly commonly forms in cubes crystals, but forms in other multisided crystals such as dodecahedrons. It often displays fantastic color zoning with multiple colors occurring in a specimen, often displaying phantom like formations. Fluorite often has awesome transparency, allowing the specimens to glow like jewels in the light. However fluorite is sensitive to bright light, so avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Many fluorites are fluorescent, and the phenomenon is named for this beautiful mineral. It is a relatively soft stone, although somewhat brittle, which makes it easy to polish into many shapes.

Fluorite is a versatile healer. Clearing negativity and infection it is an excellent choice for fighting off colds and flu. It also helps to strengthen bones and teeth, helping to repair the physical structure. In addition, fluorite can help dissolve arthritis crystals, especially purple fluorite. Its energy excels at the crown chakra bringing the mind into balance. It helps to dispel confusion and instability to foster coherent patterns. It also aids in concentration and memory.

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