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Size: 2.6 in x 1.9 in x 0.6 in

Weight: 4 oz

Stone Type: Charoite

Country: Russia

Chakra: Crown

Rare Charoite in Quartz Freeform

$150.00 Item #3478
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This is a unique piece of charoite in quartz, it is not a usual combination in this form. Bright bands of swirling purples are contrasted by pockets of translucent quartz and black aegerine. This stone is completely natural in formation, despite its appearance.

The energy is a bit softer than other pieces of charoite, making it easier to work with its energy. It is soothing in the hand gently opening the crown chakra while keeping you grounded in your body.

Charoite cleanses the auric body. It opens you up for unconditional love and the balance that it brings in ones life. Placing on the 3rd eye ensures creativity is greatly enhanced in all it's forms. Charoite has great alchemy properties. It has a deeper resonance that penetrates down to the cellular level. It helps to balance the cells themselves, which help to heal and regenerate your body on all levels. Its energy is very soothing and helps to alleviate chronic stress.

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